Latest Events

  Overview of Events in 2015
(for performances of compositions, see here)

Collaborating for the festival Ung Nordisk Musik Helsinki, providing photo documentation on the spot and translations for the booklet.

Premiered further choral works by fellow composers, such as Autuus by Antti Auvinen and Wim Hendericx’s Visioni ed Estasi, and workshopped many more: by Eugene Birman, Patiparn Jaikampan, Raphaël Languillat, Matilda Seppälä, and Diana Li Ling Soh.
Appointed secretary of the Ears Open Society with additional responsibilities in the fields of grants and international relations.

Developed the term of field improvisation recording which is acoustic improvised music recorded during one session with the intent of using most or all of the samples, reordered, in an electronic composition. Once the electronic composition is ready it should be possible to perform the work acoustically again. This music deals with compositional intent, sound reproduction, and limits of transcription notation.

A paper on piano multiphonic measurements was presented in ICSV22 in Firenze (Florence), IT.

Some of this year’s field many recordings from Belgium, Japan, and S-Korea can be heard in my electronic works.

Received a grant for composition from the Martin Wegeliuksen muisto Foundation. Sävellyspaja composition workshop, Porvoo, June 2015.
Continued to write in and around music, in Finland and abroad. Started work for RondoClassica.

Separate composition lessons with Hans Abrahamsen, Mark Andre, Tomi Räisänen, Jukka Tiensuu, and Giovanni Verrando.

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Earlier events

Participating on the Darmstadt Summer Course in August 2014, meeting fellow musicians. Hearing and presenting new music.
~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~Successful participation on the Creative Dialogue VI workshop in Santa Fe, NM. The resulting work, “Seven takes on Eliot” can be heard here.
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Summary of recently finished works Jan 2014 – Aug 2014:

I/2014 náníshkad organ 31-TET 4’

IV/2014 Aria di baule vcl., stereo tape 2’

IV/2014 boxes, open/close afl., pf., 8-ch tape, live reverb 13’

V/2014 Très fuyant stereo tape 2’

VII/2014 Seven takes on Eliot (Mvts. I-III, VI) 2 sopr., vl., vla., vcl. 13’

VII/2014 Readings. Kawara pf. 9’

VIII/2014 The Vicious Circle four to seven performers & live video projection, comprovisation

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náníshkad (2014) for the Fokker organ in 31-tone equal temperament

presented in an open workshop on Sat 29th of March, 2014.

Helsinki Music Centre (Black Box), free entrance.

In Helsinki, the composition will be presented by organist Ere Lievonen and has recently also been rehearsed in Amsterdam with help from the Stichting Huygens-Fokker Foundation in the Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ.

June 15th, at 3 p.m. (UTC) aired on the Austrian “Radio Helsinki”.

A 60-minute radio interview discussing Vesikkala´s music and the Finnish current music. In German.