Remote desires worth missing out (2016)

The fear of missing out is a central characteristic of a contemporary affluent life. We are not only going to miss some part of the variety of events and possibilities around us because of people being limited to one location at a time, rather we are also going to overlook some aspects in ourselves. Most times, we might be intentionally ignoring some of our aspects to focus on other aspects or to not miss out on anything in our ever-changing surroundings. I don’t think any of our aspects can be processed permanently, and we will be in denial of different aspects in our lives all the time.
We may think the processing of any aspect will take time and a motivating desire to focus on that aspect. Some desires should be dispensed with and some cannot be feasibly followed in the first place.

This work for harp, double bass and voice without semantic lyrics was commissioned and premiered in St.Petersburg by Tatiana Bogomolova’s trio in early 2016.

I have composed the music to proceed in a fixed order, yet using modules with improvisational elements in between. The musical genre nearest to this music is comprovisation.