wRm-bLt (2012)

wRm-bLt (2012) for mezzo-soprano, flute (doubling alto flute), clarinet (doubling bass clarinet), bassoon, piano, violin and double bass. Duration: ca. 13’. Lyrics: Risto Oikarinen: Värioppi (2012) Composed for a project of Zagros Ensemble, Sibelius Academy, and selected Finnish poets in 2012, Vesikkala’s work is his first in the idiom of so-called “vokale Kammermusik”. The title of the composition can also be read “Wurm-Blut” and alludes to some of the themes collaborated with Oikarinen for the poem: The medieval times and Middle Europe. Vesikkala makes use of densely preceding and loosely connected musical events, in accordance to the meaning and mood of the text, bound together by a conventional Modernistic voice line.