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A Complementary Platform for Studying Piano Multiphonics

I’m glad to hear that my long-time colleague Johan Svensson’s team has today finally completed and published their research “Pianoharmonics – a systematic approach to the inner world of the grand piano” by recording several piano harmonics and multiphonics (or just harmonics, as they call them).
Their work is accessible on the internet in an interactive and immediate form. It serves as substantial and valuable complementary material together with the piano multiphonics charts I have previously published in my thesis (Vesikkala 2016, p. 96-98; 103) and as a transposable file on the Sibelius notation software (in my Press Kit, under Multiphonics materials).
On the CD included with my thesis, I did not delve into such a systematic recording process.

The chart on the team’s website: