Avalokiteśvara (2017)

This virtuosic solo bassoon composition draws its inspiration from Buddhist art, more specifically the kind of Avalokiteśvara figure that has several hands so as to best help humanity. From this, slight parallels can be drawn to the intricacies of playing the bassoon.
There are five discernibly different musical substances resembling different characters and traditional descriptions of the Avalokiteśvara. These Avalokiteshvaras are: power, wisdom, compassion, and love, and they together will bring one more: peace. These characters stack up to form a musical grammar with each other.
There are microtones which are derived from the upper octaves of a harmonic series, in keeping with the specific 128-tuning system developed by the bassoonist Johnny Reinhard.
It is my first solo work for bassoon, my third main instrument, that I have brought to completion. The work is dedicated to the memory of Jovanka Trbojević, my long-time composition teacher who first encouraged me to write my youthful first sketches for bassoon.