Short electronic works

I prefer to compose extremely short works alongside longer ones. Descriptions of some of them are below.

I composed Très fuyant in 2014 as an hommage to composer Luc Ferrari (1929-2005), who was known for a peculiar aesthetic of field recordings. I wanted to reach part of Ferrari’s aesthetic with recordings of birds’ and children’s lives I made in Oosterpark, Amsterdam.

The impulse for composing atem><metaLL in 2013 came from thinking the concert etiquette and the elements which make sitting in an audience musical and unmusical at the same time. I intend to get musically near to the situation of moving metallic and wooden items on the stage and how an audience might react to it by inhaling, exhaling, or slightly turning in their seats. Here I have taken a field recording aesthetic by keeping the sounds as original as possible.