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Dissertation finished!

My written doctoral dissertation on “The Noise-Pitch Continuum in Timbral Music” at HAMU, Prague is finished. It studies works of timbre-based repertoire with a novel analytical method for 288 pages in five chapters. As of today (June 28, 2022), the dissertation is awaiting approval and the dissertation event will take place in Prague on September 13, 2022.

Extras for my Multiphonics thesis

Thanks to interest from composer colleagues, there are now more multiphonics materials to be found under Press Kit → Multiphonics materials. One of them is about a multiphonics whistling sound, which, not even all professional singers are not capable of doing. The vocal apparatus is highly individual after all. The sound has found use in my earlier works, for example in Seven takes on Eliot (2014).    

The second material will hopefully facilitate the compositional application of the ideas in my thesis from Spring 2016 and a particular chart of multiphonics featured in it, to be exact. The slightly revised chart is now electric and consists of a Sibelius file (here provided for both the 6 and 7 versions) that allows for transposition whereas the original printed chart only presented the situation when a fundament pitch G is used to build the multiphonic chords.    

Overview of the adjustable revised chart.