Photo by Markku Pihlaja
Photo by Markku Pihlaja
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Composing, performing, and teaching contemporary music in the 2020’s, written for and published by the Reflective Conservatoire Conference @ Guildhall (London UK). Feb 2015.

on the concert life in Helsinki (in Finnish):
Rondo (Finnish classical music, monthly)
Links to my Journalistic Writings in Amfion (in Finnish)

Academic Teachers List in Composition and Analytical Subjects
Working in this especially cumulative and at the same time wide-ranging art form, I acknowledge the impact my teachers have had on my musical thinking.

Links and Affiliations

HAMU Composition Department, Prague
Sibelius Academy, Helsinki
Kunstuniversität Graz
Institute for Electronic Music Graz
Member of The Society of Finnish Composers
Singer for Helsinki Chamber Choir
Teacher for Cantores Minores Helsinki
Secretary for Ears Open Society, Helsinki
Music journalist for RondoClassica (in Finnish)
Editor for and founder of the Ears Open current music blog

List of Choirs collaborated with

Occasionally, my work can be situated in the middle ground between arranging, transcription, and editing, such as a project of producing parts from Leif Segerstam’s manuscript for Lokomokokomotiivi in 2016, to be premiered later in the year.