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J-T Vesikkala Wittmacher List of Works
NB.! Opus numbering is unofficial and only includes works since 2007.
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Me-Di-TresWorks for Ensemble or Small Orchestraob., cl., fg., archi (65432)2007016‘Kymi Sinfonietta, cond.
Atso Almila.
1stP: Kotka FIN.
19./IX/2007. 2ndP:
Kouvola FIN
Charcoal on CanvasWorks for Solo Performerpf.2008-20090212’Juhani Vesikkala, piano.
Balderin sali, Helsinki.
ColoCordaturaWorks for Chamber Music Settingsvl., guit.2010-2011,
rev. 2012
& 2014
0313'1stP: Saana Parviainen, Mikael
Rechardt. Helsinki. 6./V/2011.
2ndP: Saana Parviainen, Mikael
Rechardt. Sibafest. Helsinki.
3rdP: Emilia Karjunen, Mikael Rechardt. Helsinki.
De Musica
Works for ChoirSATBB a cappella2011041‘30‘‘text by Teofilo Folengo
Vocalise IWorks for Solo Performerany voice type (speaking range)2011051‘30‘‘
Ciaccona con variazioni (per chitarra sola)Works for Solo Performerguit. (24-EDO tuning)2012063‘
Kerran marmorisuonellaWorks for ChoirSATB a cappella2012,
rev. 2017
073’20’’text by Auli SärkiöCommissioned by Cantores Minores.
Microtonal etudes for violin
Works for Solo Performervl.2012082‘
wRm-bLtWorks for Ensemble or Small Orchestramzs., fl./afl., cl./bcl., fg., pf., vl., cb.2011-
0912’text by Risto Oikarinen
}woes... to die with thee again{Works with Electronicsquadraphonic “tape” (4 signals)2012-2013107‘20‘‘1stP: Cube at IEM
Institute. Graz,
2ndP: Dias de
Música Electroacústica.
Seia, POR.
3rdP: Experimental Sound Gallery ESG-21, St. Petersburg, RUS
4thP: Festival Crosscurrent Nodes, Örebro, SWE. 7.VI.2019
I scheinen flächen stimmungen zu...
Works for Chamber Music Settingscl., pf.2013115’
PianofantasiaWorks for Solo Performerpf.2013122‘
Meantime Interlude
Works with Electronicsstereo “tape”, for two frontal loudspeakers2013131’24’’1stP:
Experimental Sound Gallery ESG-21, St. Petersburg, RUS
náníshkadWorks for Solo Performerthe Fokker organ
in 31-EDOtuning
2014144'Ere Lievonen. First presentation in an open workshop. Helsinki Music Centre.
29./III/2014.; 1stP: Ere Lievonen, Fokker organ. Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ – Kleine Zaal, Amsterdam, NL 13.V.2018.
Aria di bauleWorks with Electronicsvcl., stereo “tape”2014151‘42‘‘1stP: Markus Hohti.
Helsinki Music
2ndP: Émilie
29./II./ 2016, Free
Arts Space,,
Helsinki FIN
boxes, open/closeWorks with Electronicsafl., pf., and
loudspeaker setting
(live & fixed media)
2014 / rev. 20161611‘30‘‘1stP:
defun ensemble.
Camerata Hall, Helsinki Music Centre, FIN
Seven takes on Eliot (Mvts. I-III, VI finished)Works for Chamber Music Settings2 sopr., vl., vla., vcl.20141713’1stP: Grace Youn, Molly Goldman,
Henry Myers, Meeri Pulakka,
Sinéad White, cond. Anssi Karttunen.
St. Francis Auditorium, Santa Fe NM, USA
( = Mvts. I-III, VI)
Readings. Kawara (Hommage à On Kawara)Works for Solo Performerfor piano (mobile preparations for multiphonics) & media ad lib.20141816’1stP: J-T Vesikkala Wittmacher. Galerie HAMU, Prague, CZ. 11.XII.2018.
Très fuyantWorks with Electronicsstereo “tape”2014192‘1stP:
Experimental Sound Gallery ESG-21, St. Petersburg, RUS
The Vicious Circle
( ensemble
improvisation /
comprovisation in a
card game setting )
Works for Ensemble or Small Orchestrafour to seven performers
& live video projection
201420(improvised duration)
WalkthroughWorks for Stage and Intermediafor stereo sound, three stage performers, video projection, and lights.
Made in collaboration with Mateus Manninen.
2014-20152115’ – 18’1stP: Free Arts Space, Helsinki. Musica Nova Helsinki.
Lauri Supponen, Tomas Takolander, Hiski Wallenius, performers. Mateus Manninen, light design
Taklamakan (concertino for alto saxophone)Works for Ensemble or Small Orchestracl., fg., asax., cor., tp., trb., euph., tba., 2 perc.2015223’1stP:
Sibelius Academy Wind Ensemble
Juuso WALLIN, cond.
Helsinki Music Centre.
MarginaliaWorks for Ensemble or Small Orchestrastring orchestra 44221,
waterphone, voice
2015235’1stP: Avanti! chamber
Juhani Vesikkala, voice
Magnus LINDBERG, cond.
Grand Porvoo, Porvoo, FIN
The Essence of High
(Lasterkatalog no. 1)
Works for Chamber Music Settings2 sopr.2015243’
The Engendered Voice
(Mvt I)
Works with Electronicsstereo “tape”2015254’30’’
The music Jean never
thought of
( Flash-improvisatory
tourism against the metal
pipes of the Sibelius
Monument, Helsinki)
Works for Chamber Music Settingsobjects and
201526(improvised duration)
Exorcist for the perplexed mind
Works with Electronicshichiriki, stereo “tape”2015276’12’’1stP: Yukari MISAWA, hichiriki.
Ryogoku Monten
Hall, Tokyo, JP.
2ndP: Yukari MISAWA, hichiriki.
ZKM Kubus, Zentrum für Kunst und Medien Karlsruhe, Germany. 17.VI.2017.
3rdP: Yukari MISAWA, hichiriki.
Nippori Sunny Hall of Hotel Lungwood, Tokyo, JP. 7.II.2019.
Suite for Orchestra
II. Delusional Occidents
Works for Ensemble or Small Orchestrachamber orchestra2014-201528 aII. workshopped X./2015, Sibelius
Academy Kapubändi.
Suite for Orchestra
III. flashbacklash
Works for Large Orchestralarge orchestra201628 b III. workshopped
IV./2016, Helsinki Philharmonic
Déploration parisienneWorks with Electronicsstereo “tape”2015298’24’’
Remote desires worth missing outWorks for Chamber Music Settingsvoice,
harp, cb.
20163015’ ... 20’
(elements with improvised durations)
1stP: Tatiana Bogomolova, voice;
Christine Kazarian, e-harp; Olga Krukovskaya, double bass.
ESG-21, St. Petersburg RUS.
Variations on CommitmentWorks for ChoirComprovisation for 5 to 16
2016315’...10’text by W.Shakespeare
consensusWorks for Chamber Music Settingsvoice, guit., vl., vcl., prepared pf.
201632( improvised duration )text by Velimir Khlebnikov1stP:
Antonina Pozdnyakova, violin
Aleksandr Astafyev, cello
Yuliya Kravchenko, voice
Mark Kommer, piano
Serafim Sinotov, guitar
Experimental Sound Gallery ESG-21, St. Petersburg, RUS
Topologies of Compersion – Piano TrioWorks for Chamber Music Settingsvl., vc., pf.20173310'
Gebrauchsmusik: FanfaariGebrauchsmusik: Utility music for specific occasionsfor quartet TTBB201734 a0'20''text by E.Saario & P.MuranenJokikunnan mieskuoro, Jokikunnan seurojentalo, 23./IV/2017
Gebrauchsmusik: Transcription of Camille Saint-Saëns' Oratorio de NoëlGebrauchsmusik: Utility music for specific occasionstransciption for male choir, soprano solo, string quintet, harp, organ201634 b38'Male Choir Manifestum & Hedvig Paulig, Petros Paukkunen,
Lea Tuuri,
Elias Lassfolk,
Saara Kurki,
Pinja Lahti,
Oskari Hänninen, Bengi Canatan.
Cond. Jonas Rannila.
Performances: 14./XII/2016 Loviisan kirkko;
Johanneksenkirkko, Helsinki;
21./XII/2016, Olarin kirkko
RubatosisWorks for Chamber Music Settingsfor vibraphone and string quartet 2017359'30''1stP: Alexandru Anastasiu, vibraphone;
RTÉ ConTempo Quartet; Juhani Vesikkala, cond.
Thalia Hall, Sibiu, Romania
AvalokiteśvaraWorks for Solo Performerfor bassoon solo20173615'1stP: Johnny Reinhard, bassoon. Space for Free Arts, Helsinki FIN. 25.VIII.2017; 2ndP: Johnny Reinhard, bassoon. Museum at Eldridge Street, New York City, at American Festival of Microtonal Music. 25.II.2018.
Zweier Lasterkatalog / Catalog of mutual vicesWorks for Chamber Music Settingsfor soprano saxophone and accordeon 2017377'30''1stP: Harri Sjöström, soprano saxophone;
Veli Kujala, accordion. Laulumiehet Restaurant, Helsinki, FIN. 19.IX.2017.
2ndP: Morten Norheim, saxophone
Jostein Stalheim, accordion
Ung Nordisk Musik Bergen 2018.
The Grieg Academy (KMD), Bergen, Norway. 29.VIII.2018.
The Impermanence of Missing OutWorks for Chamber Music Settingsfor two pianos in slightly separate rooms201738( improvised duration )
Each trail for a realm Works for Chamber Music Settingsfor quintet2017397'1stP: ICon Arts Ensemble: Adrian Buciu, flute; Alexandru Anastasiu, vibraphone; Raluca Stratulat, violin; Andreea Ţimiraş, cello; Mihai Murariu, piano. Diana Gheorghiu, cond.
UNMB MEDIATECA Hall, Bucharest, Romania. 14.XI.2017
utterly uninvited and temperamentalWorks for Solo Performerfor vocalist-reciter with objects2017405'1stP: Juhani Vesikkala, vocalist. Helsinki, FIN. 11.XI.2017
Kyrie och GloriaWorks for Choirfor two choirs and alto and baritone soloists2018415'to Swedish liturgical texts1stP: Olaus Petrikören. In Olaus Petri kyrka, Helsinki. Eira Karlson, alto Juha-Pekka Mitjonen, baritone Heikki Seppänen, cond. Commissioned by Olaus Petri församling. 18.III.2018.
TogethernessWorks for Stage and Intermediafor four onstage musicians (alto flute/subcontrabass flute, trombone, viola, MIDI keyboard electronics), and video2016-20184210'30''1stP: April 13th, 2018 by Ensemble Garage at Tampere Biennale in Tullikamari Pakkahuone, Tampere FIN; 2ndP: April 16th, 2018 in Vapaan taiteen tila, Helsinki FIN; 3rdP: April 18th, 2018 at Alte Feuerwache, Cologne DE.
in which the low-hanging fruit is casually derailed Works for Chamber Music Settingscomprovisation for concert kantele and sordinoed cello201843ca. 10'1stP: Juulia Pölönen, concert kantele &
Aino-Maija Riutamaa de Mata, cello.
Helsinki Music Centre, Camerata Hall. 22.VIII.2018.
Proxies for totems of belongingWorks for Solo Performerfor glissando-flute and PVC mat201844ca. 20'1stP: Erik Drescher. MikroFest Helsinki 2018
Myymälä2, Helsinki, FIN. 19.X.2018.
Chosen familiesWorks for Chamber Music Settingsfor a Pierrot sextet (flute, clarinets Eb & bass, percussion, pianoforte, violin, and cello)2019454'30''1stP: Discovering Young Composers of Europe (DYCE) competition, Ensemble U
Tarmo Johannes – flute, Helena Tuuling – clarinets, Merje Roomere – violin, Levi-Danel Mägila – violoncello, Vambola Krigul, percussion, Taavi Kerikmäe – piano.
Tallinn, EST and streamed live to concert venues in Oslo, Milan, and Seville.
Insulae - Miniatures for variable instrumentationsWorks for Chamber Music Settingsvarious instrumental setups from 3 performers onwards201946various1stP of movements "when the world still was a mixed bag" & "hönkä",
Ensemble Terrible, dir. by composer. Paralelní Polis, Echofluxx Prague.

1stP of movement
"ignoring barbarians is a dangerous thing to do", Nikola Prokopcová, guitar; Mariana Jouzová, harp;
Bruno Cunha, clarinet;
J-T Vesikkala Wittmacher, voice.
Galerie HAMU, Prague. 21.V.2019

2ndP of movement "hönkä", Departamento de Música, Universidade de Brasília (UnB), Brazil. 22.XI.2019.
WahnsinnspfeiffWorks for Solo Performerfor organ with half-drawn registrations2019474'45''
Suite for Orchestra:
I. Versa est
Works for Large Orchestrafor orchestra (2222/2130/3 perc./archi)201928 c9'1stP: Bohuslav Martinů Philharmonic Orchestra (Zlín) &
Petr Louženský, cond.
Bohuslav Martinů Hall, Lichtenštejnský palác, Prague. 8.XI.2019
Mind CrimesWorks with Electronicsfor kantele and stereo "tape" electronics2019488'30''1stP: Juulia Pölönen, concert kantele. Galerie HAMU, Lichtenštejnský palác, Prague.
In Oversight of Allegory – instrumental takes on John Donne’s poemsWorks for Ensemble or Small Orchestrafor dectet (1111/1000/perc./1111)2019498'1stP: Petr Louženský, cond. Bohuslav Martinů Hall, Lichtenštejnský palác, Prague. 21.XI.2019
into these worldless housesWorks for Ensemble or Small Orchestrafor a Pierrot sextet (flutes in C & bass, clarinets Bb & bass, percussion, pianoforte, violin, and cello)20205015''301stP: Taller Sonoro (J.Sánchez Valladares, C.Irizo, B.Lloréns, I.Torner, A.Tuñón, M.del Carmen Coronado). Turina Theatre, Seville, Spain.

Cikada Ensemble (A.K.Hauge, R.Borch, S.Yoshida, O.Hannisdal, U.Henninen, B.Rabben) & Christian Eggen, cond.
4.XII.2020. Oslo, Norway.

Ensemble U (T.Johannes, H.Tuuling, V.Krigul, T.Kerikmäe, M.Roomere, L.Mägila). 8.XII.2020. Estonian Radio Broadcasting Hall, Tallinn, Estonia.
An additional studio recording to be published.

Divertimento Ensemble (C.Raponi, M.Longoni, M.G.Bellocchio, E.Marchesini, L.Gorli, M.Rudic) & Sandro Gorli, cond. 12.XII.2020. Milan, Italy.
PlainteWorks for Choirfor 12 vocalists (SSSAAATTTBBB)2020515'30''phonetic text by composer1stP: Helsinki Chamber Choir & Jutta Seppinen, cond. Camerata, Helsinki Music Centre. 14.X.2020
nekudimWorks for Chamber Music SettingsMiniature septet for flute, bass clarinet, percussion, pianoforte, violin, viola, and cello2021520'30''1stP: Divertimento Ensemble & Sandro Gorli, cond.
Rondò Smart Festival, Sala Donatoni, Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan, IT.
RissWorks for Ensemble or Small Orchestrafor ensemble and solo clarinet
(cl. in Bb solo, flute, oboe, horn in F, trombone, percussion, violin, viola, cello, and double bass)
2021535'1stP: Martin Adámek, clar.
Ensemble Terrible, Patrik Kako.
Divadlo X10, Prague, CZ.
Suite for Orchestra:
Miniatures for Orchestra:
1. Faultlines
Works for Large Orchestraorchestra (2222/2221/timp./2/archi)202228 d2'1stP: North Czech Philharmonic Teplice &
Jan Bubák, cond.
Martinů Hall, Prague.
Suite for Orchestra:
Miniatures for Orchestra:
2. Prompting ground
Works for Large Orchestraorchestra (2222/2221/timp./2/archi)202228 e2'1stP: North Czech Philharmonic Teplice &
Jan Bubák, cond.
Martinů Hall, Prague.
Suite for Orchestra:
Miniatures for Orchestra:
3. Barred and barren displays
Works for Large Orchestraorchestra (2222/2221/timp./2/archi)202228 f2'1stP: North Czech Philharmonic Teplice &
Jan Bubák, cond.
Martinů Hall, Prague.
Suite for Orchestra:
Miniatures for Orchestra:
4. Sacrificial wisdom
Works for Large Orchestraorchestra (2222/2221/timp./2/archi)202228 g2'1stP: North Czech Philharmonic Teplice &
Jan Bubák, cond.
Martinů Hall, Prague.
The stakes that we left burningWorks for Stage and Intermediatrio (ssax. & tsax., acc., db.) and electronics2022-20235425'libretto by composer1stP: Trio WAS: Anna-Sofia Anttonen (saxophones), Aida Salakka (double bass), Frin Wolter (accordion), Tuukka Tervo (electronics and sound engineer). Juhani Aho-sali, Järvenpää. 9.VIII.2023.
2ndP: performers as above.
Uuden Musiikin Lokakuu, Tulindberg-sali, Oulu. 7.X.2023.
Vom Himmel hoch / Enkeli taivaanGebrauchsmusik: Utility music for specific occasionsvocal quartet SATB setting of the hymn, in D major202334 c1'1stP: Philia ensemble. Betel-kirkko, Turku. 19.XII.2023.
2ndP: Philia ensemble. Käpylän kirkko, Helsinki. 20.XII.2023.
Ave MariaGebrauchsmusik: Utility music for specific occasionsfor alto solo and string quartet. Arrangement of F.Schubert's Ave Maria, in A flat major.202334 d4'20''1stP: Philia ensemble. Betel-kirkko, Turku. 19.XII.2023.
2ndP: Philia ensemble. Käpylän kirkko, Helsinki. 20.XII.2023.
The First NowellGebrauchsmusik: Utility music for specific occasionsarrangement with an added discant line on top of John Stainer's version200934 e1'1stP: Cantores Minores favoriittikuoro. Helsinki, 2009.
2ndP: Philia ensemble. Betel-kirkko, Turku. 19.XII.2023.
3rdP: Philia ensemble. Käpylän kirkko, Helsinki. 20.XII.2023.
Es ist ein Ros entsprungenGebrauchsmusik: Utility music for specific occasionsrenaissance-style arrangement for baritone and string quartet based on Praetorius' harmony202334 f1'40''1stP: Juhani Vesikkala & Philia ensemble. Betel-kirkko, Turku. 19.XII.2023.
2ndP: Juhani Vesikkala & Philia ensemble. Käpylän kirkko, Helsinki. 20.XII.2023.
Wexford Carol, introductionGebrauchsmusik: Utility music for specific occasionsarrangement of the traditional Irish melody for voice and string quartet, two stanzas202334 g2'301stP: Philia ensemble. Betel-kirkko, Turku. 19.XII.2023.
2ndP: Philia ensemble. Käpylän kirkko, Helsinki. 20.XII.2023.
Wexford Carol, quintet stanza SATBarBGebrauchsmusik: Utility music for specific occasionsarrangement of the traditional Irish melody for vocal quintet (SATBarB) and string quartet, last stanza202334 h1'1stP: Philia ensemble. Betel-kirkko, Turku. 19.XII.2023.
2ndP: Philia ensemble. Käpylän kirkko, Helsinki. 20.XII.2023.
Psalm 73 / Responding musicGebrauchsmusik: Utility music for specific occasionstenor/baritone voice with piano202434 i4'15''Psalm 73:23-28 (NRSVUE)