The stakes that we left burning (2022–2023)

This work for saxophones, accordion, double bass and electronics was finished in June 2023 after a careful process and tells a broken narrative about witchcraft. The music and libretto is by me, using mostly snippets of text from research literature on witchcraft. I focus on the effects that witchcraft claims can have on a community that takes the road of culpability and psychological warfare against its members and ultimately itself. The roles of the three musicians onstage also lend themselves to a semi-staged interpretation. The 5-channel electronics around the players and audience are echoing the shifting sentiments of the community.

The work of 25 minutes received its premiere in 2023. The work has been funded and asw collaborated on with the performers in April 2023 at the Outokumpu Old Mine Residency.
The libretto is readable here.